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Carnitine -L (Acetyl L Carnitine)

Acetyl L Carnitine) in skin care:  exfoliater, increase skin elasticity, moisturizer, scar care, sun damage repair

Acetyl-L-carnitine or ALCAR, is an acetylated form of L-carnitine. Acetyl L Carnitine works for repairing sunburns, as an exfoliant and a moisturizer, and for increasing skin elasticity. It also may be used in anti aging formulations for DIY skin care. Regretably, due to Candian law and PayPal regulations, this product may NOT be shipped to Canada...more info here

Product Code: Carnitine -L (Acetyl L Carnitine)
Reward Points: 1
Assay: 99%
CAS#: 3040-38-8
Gross weight: 30g /1.06oz
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Price: $5.15
Price in reward points: 103

Carnitine -L (Acetyl L Carnitine)

About Carnitine -L (Acetyl L Carnitine) in DIY Skin Care

L-Carnitine is a naturally occurring, amino acid-like substance that can either be produced by the body or obtained through the diet. Initial interest in L-Carnitine focused on its use as a vital nutritional supplement.

In the body, one of the most fundamental roles of L-Carnitine is the transport of long chain fatty acids across the mitochondrial membrane into the mitochondria, where the fatty acids are ultimately broken down and converted to energy. L-Carnitine is the therefore essential for fat metabolism and energy production.

 Given L-Carnitine's ability to play a major role in fat breakdown, it is not surprising that one of the substance's first cosmetic applications was in contouring creams and cellulite control formulations.

 Recently however, attention has focused on the beneficial effects of L-Carnitine on the skin itself. A study established that L-Carnitine prevents and alleviates deleterious skin conditions such as varicella scarring, wrinkle formation and sunburn peeling.   

Assay: 99%
CAS#: 3040-38-8
INCI: Acetyl Carnitine
Solubility: water, Dimethyl isosorbide
Suggested percentage: 2%
Storage: Keep tightly closed, in cool place. Hygroscopic. 
Country of origin: China

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