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BulkActives are DIY skin care suppliers of skin actives, cosmetic ingredients, cosmeceuticals, active ingredients, and standardized botanical extracts for diy skin care products and homemade cosmetics.

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A Shout Out to all dedicated DIY Skin Care Bloggers

If you have a DIY Skin Care recipe you would like create and blog about, we are offering you the ingredients to experiment with for free.

All we ask is that you ONLY use our active ingredients, emulsifiers, bases and preservatives, and that your blog article shows photos of your process, and back links to our product pages.

Interested? Contact, please include your blog URL and the ingredients you would like to use.



Hyaluronic acid is a solution of sodium hyaluronate powder dissolved in water. Sometimes it is easier to add the gel to a cream, rather than the powder. If this gel will be stored for longer than a week, it will need a preservative, the second recipe uses a SMALL amount of non denatured alcohol to give the preservative better solubility in water. This will NOT dry your skin!

  Product name: Hyaluronic acid gel - NO preservative       Total Amount of product in grams100         Phase A%Gram distilled water 99.00 99.00...
This base cream, emulsified with BTMS, also known as Conditioning Emulsifier, is an elegant cream which tends to resist wash off, leaving a soft, powdery feel on the skin.

We have used a higher than usual oil/butter content in this cream, because it is a BASE cream. The intention is that you will dilute it and thereby reduce the oil content when adding powders which have been pre dissolved in water or alcohol.

However, we suggest you make this in small batches and reduce or increase the oil content to suit your own skin needs.

Download the BTMS Conditioning Base Cream for DIY Skin Care recipe Excel file here, to easily change...
Color key:Tried it myself
From MSDS and Internet - have not tried it yet
Info from customers or forum posts - have not tried it yet

  ProductwaterArlasolve DMI (Dimethyl isosorbide)glycerinoilNon-denatured
surfactantpropylene glycolpolysorbate 80cream/lotionsilicone gelAllantoin Yes, 0.5% at 25 C No   No No No No No No   Alpha Lipoic Acid
No     Yes     Yes Yes dissolves well in oily cream   Ammonium Glycyrrhizae (Liquorice extract -...
This is a much simplified version of the SkinCeuticals C and E and Ferulic Copy recipe. We also added seakelp bioferment, and replaced the propylene glycol with non denatured alcohol.

Download the Simple SkinCeuticals C and E and Ferulic Copy recipe Excel file here, to easily change quantities and modify the Simple SkinCeuticals C and E and Ferulic recipe to your own needs
  Phase A%Gram Non-denatured alcohol 15.00 15.00 Ferulic Acid 0.50 0.50 d-Panthenol 0.50 0.50 Phase B%Gram Hyaluronic acid gel 20.00 20.00...
Here it is, the list many have asked for: teaspoon and tablespoon measurements of our active ingredients for skin care.

We took a spoon of loosely filled (NOT firmly packed) powder or liquid,  leveled it, and weighed it.
  Allantoin1 teaspoon = 2.27 gAlpha Lipoic Acid1 teaspoon =2.06 gascorbic acid 2-glucoside1 teaspoon =2.25 gascorbyl tetraisopalmitate 1 teaspoon =2.26 gBoswellia serrata1 teaspoon =2.45 gButylated hydroxytoluene1 teaspoon =   Centella asiatica 1 teaspoon =2.76...
Zinc Oxide in dispersion is a safe and effective physical sunscreen with applications in skin care and sun care. Zinc Oxide homogeneous dispersions do not require high shear mixers or homogenizers so not only are they easy to use, they also provide broad range UVA and UVB sun protection using non micronized zinc oxide, the same material that Badger uses in its sunscreens.
Zinc Oxide, or oxidized metal Zinc, is a powdered material which when spread on the skin absorbs and scatters UVA and UVB rays to provide protection against the sun.
Zinc Oxide particles attenuate UV radiation over a broad wavelength range. These particles do not...

Posted by in RECIPES on August 08, 2014 .
Like the original patented CE Ferulic by SkinCeuticals, this DIY C E Ferulic copy recipe contains 15% L-Ascorbic Acid with 1% d-Alpha Tocopherol and Ferulic Acid to stabilize it.

Download the SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic copy recipe Excel file here, to easily change quantities and modify the SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic copy recipe to your own needs

  Product name: SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic       Total Amount of product in grams:100       Phase A%Gram Distilled Water 46.40 46.40 Triethanolamine 0.50 0.50...

Posted by in RECIPES, ARTICLES, DIY SKIN CARE on August 01, 2014 .
1. Formula in percentages Everything equals 101% (preservative isn’t included in the 100% since you need preserve 100% of the product)

Dimethyl isosorbide 5%
Distilled water 88.2%
Glucosamine 4%
Niacinamide 2%
Gelmaker PLUS 0.8%
EK300 or EPE9010 (preservative) 1%
= 101%
  2. Convert percentages to decimal numbers. 5% divided by 100 = .0.05
88.2% divided by 100 = .0.88
4% divided by 100 = .0.04
2% divided by 100 = 0.02
0.8% divided by 100 = 0.008
1% divided by 100 = 0.01 Step 3: Finally, multiple the decimal by how much you want to make.

In this case, I’d like to make 50 GRAMS.  So, this is multiplied by 50

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