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Buy Decyl glucoside (Polyglycose) For DIY Skin Care

Decyl Glucoside in skin care:  surfactant, good foaming power, compatible with all surfactants, tolerant of high electrolyte formulations (aloe), compatible with cationic conditioning agents, mild but effective cleansing improves skin tolerance of the formulation, maintains skin balance without dryness

Decyl glucoside is an extremely mild and gentle nonionic surfactant naturally derived from sugar . Decyl Glucoside is recommended for sensitive skin, facial wash products, shampoo and body wash. Decyl Glucoside generates exceptional fine and stable foam comparable with that obtained using conventional anionic surfactants.
Product Code: Decyl glucoside (Polyglycose)
Reward Points: 1
CAS#: 58846-77-8
Net weight: 100g / 3.53oz
Availability: In Stock ( 5+ Available )
Price: $5.40
Price in reward points: 108
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Decyl glucoside (Polyglycose)

About Decyl glucoside (Polyglycose) in DIY Skin Care

Polyglycose (decyl glucoside) is considered to be part of a new generation of surfactants. In Europe, where the world's strictest cosmetic regulations are in place under the EU Cosmetics Directive, the demand for the alkyl polyglucosides has increased by enormously.
Derived from sugar they are readily bio-degradable, low toxic, extremely mild and perform well in hard water conditions.
Several clinical skin irritancy tests show decyl glucoside to be non irritating, even  at high concentrations with an extended contact period of 24 hours.
Decyl glucoside exhibits all of the mildness traits of nonionics, with the foam of an anionic. It is this unique characteristic that enables it to be utilized as both a primary and co-surfactant in formulations.
Many companies with a natural focus to their formulations are now turning to decyl glucoside as their primary, and in some cases only, surfactant. It is so mild that it doesn't require blending with any of the mildness additives.

CAS#: 58846-77-8 
INCI: Decyl glucoside
Specification: amber viscous liquid 2000 cps @ 75f
Odor: characteristic surfactant odor
Solubility: oil soluble
Suggested percentage :2%to 40%
  • Store in cool and dry place. Keep away from direct strong light and heat
  • solidifies below 15 degrees Celsius but becomes liquid again upon heating.
  • Due to temperature fluctuations during shipping, if it has become solid simply place your bottle in a warm water bath to liquefy.
Country of Origin: manufactured by a UK company (Croda), factory location unknown.
  • add to the oil phase
  • mix into formulations preventing excessive foam
  • maintain pH of finished product between 3.0 and 5.0
 Suggested percentage :2%to 40%
 Applications: shampoos (anti-dandruff, anti-seborrheic, conditioners, frequent use, etc...), shower gels, bubble baths, dermatological liquid soaps, cleansers, and shaving foams.

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