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This is a fantastic product. Highly moisturizing and smooths out lines and wrinkles. It works quickly and is evening out skin tone as well. I think its a must have product and I certainly will be purchasing it again.. ...»
This is the best product I have ever used on my skin and I tried a LOT of expansive brands. It helps with redness and overall skin tone. Please do not ever stop making this stuff... ...»
I' m not sure about this: "11% solution gives 1% EGCG content in final product." What is the weight of final product? .. ...»
Vesna Hanich
This is great stuff. I add it to my liquid face soap and it does an excellent job in preventing acne and gently exfoliating the skin... ...»
Really loving this product. I make the best Centella toner and most concentrated ever. 2 g of centella extract dissolved in 10g of alcohol(you have to stir a lot) plus 88 grams of water and you get a very concentrated toner. Creams, toners, ampoules... all have only 0,1% of triterpenes, this toner i make have 1,4%. I am loving it, will see the results. .. ...»
Just recently ordered this and LOVE! Green Tea EGCG truly is one of the most fantastic skincare actives out there. Very difficult to find good quality product (90%) and even harder to actually solubilize it! Love that it comes in pre-dissolved solution. I enjoy adding it at 1% (so 11% sol) to my serum formulations containing Niacinamide 5% + NAG 3%. Excellent for oily acne prone skin. *Only gripe... because the Pre-Dissolved Solution is SO heavy in propanediol (10 parts Propanediol for 1 part E.. ...»
The Pre-dissolved solution is excellent. Ferulic Acid is an amazing skincare ingredient (potent antioxidant, protects other sensitive antioxidants from light degradation, UV protection) but is absolutely ineffective if it isn't solubilized correctly. Makes adding to any Serum Base or w/o emulsion easy. Love using it (at 6%; so active 0.5%) with the Resveratrol Fluid (10%; active 1%) and Green Tea Extr for potent nighttime brightening treatment... ...»
Carla, Many medications can be and are applied topically by prescription. With that in mind, realize that this particular ingredient is wonderful but understand that this is indeed one of those that may create sensitivity with those already using topical hormones or just use sparingly and see how you respond. Sorry for the very late response..... ...»
Very good product! Only been using it for a short time, its already made a difference. .. ...»
muy satisfecho profesionales, y envio sin problemas ,ya que soy de españa producto bien envasado , un placer ser cliente porque dan comnfianza y calidad.gracias un saludo.. ...»
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Buy DMAE Bitartrate For Skin Care

Dimethylaminoethanol [DMAE] is structurally similar to choline, an important component of cell membranes. Choline is a precursor to acetylcholine, which stimulates muscle contraction. DMAE is known to have skin tightening effects. In several clinical studies, it successfully reduced wrinkles, improved lip fullness, and tightened neck skin. Overall, DMAE has a skin lifting effect. These studies showed DMAE is safe for extended use and does not irritate skin. Pure DMAE is very basic, which may have negative effects on the skin. Thus DMAE bitratrate, the salt form of DMAE, is used in topical formulations as the pH is close to that of skin.  DMAE is the active ingredient in Tricutan ( Dermyn Active Serum). Regretably, due to Candian law and PayPal regulations, this product may NOT be shipped to Canada.

Key benefits of DMAE bitartrate in skin care: 

  • Wrinkle tightener [3] [7] [8] [9]
  • Anti-inflammatory [3] [6]
  • Moisturizing and hydration [8]
  • Antioxidant [3]
  • Reduce dark circles under eyes [8]
  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles [3] [5] [7] [8] [9]
DMAE Bitartrate skin care active ingredients
Product Code: BulkActives
Assay: DMAE 37%
CAS#: 5988-51-2
Net weight: 30g /1.06oz
Availability: In Stock
Price: $5.80

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DMAE Bitartrate

About DMAE in DIY Skin Care

2-Dimethylaminoethanol [DMAE] is a compound structurally similar to choline, a precursor to acetylcholine [9]. DMAE can be methylated to form choline. Acetylcholine is mainly thought of as a neurotransmitter, but there is non-neuronal free acetylcholine present in skin. It is thought to have actions separate from its neuronal activity. Acetylcholine regulates basic cellular functions such as proliferation, differentiation, and locomotion [3]. Additionally, choline is an important molecule in phospholipids, which make up cell membranes [4]. Compromised cell membranes can be a sign of aging. DMAE is found naturally in fish such as salmon, but it is also present in small amounts in the human brain [6]. It was originally supplemented orally to treat central nervous system disorders, but it essentially hardened areas of the brain, so focus shifted toward DMAE’s topical applications [8].

DMAE is a powerful anti-aging active ingredient. In a clinical study, skin treated with a 3% DMAE gel showed greater tensile strength [9]. This is good for sagging, aged skin. In another clinical study, a 9% DMAE topical formulation increased collagen fiber thickness and dermal [deep skin layer] thickness [8]. Dermal thickness decreases with aging, about 6% each decade. It also increased skin hydration and reduced wrinkles, under-eye dark circles, and overall had a “lifting” effect [8]. This group reported no adverse effects of using topical DMAE over the course of a year. 3% DMAE is considered safe and effective at reducing wrinkles and improving lip shape and fullness and tightening neck skin [3]. Also, topical application of DMAE does not irritate the skin. The effects of DMAE lasted at least two weeks. In another study, a formulation containing DMAE increased firmness in photoaged skin, skin with chronic damage due to sun exposure [7].

The mechanism of DMAE is currently unknown, although there are many possible theories. One is that DMAE increases the amount of acetylcholine deep in the skin, stimulating the muscles of the face. DMAE’s “lifting” effect is often attributed to its effects on the facial musculature. Other studies show DMAE is unable to increase levels of acetylcholine [4]. Other theories are that DMAE has anti-inflammatory actions [3, 6] and that it increases collagen production [6]. DMAE has also been shown to have free radical scavenging activity [3]. Free radicals cause skin damage and promote premature skin aging. DMAE also helps decrease protein crosslinking, a characteristic of aging [3]. Protein crosslinking can reduce the activity of proteins, which are essential for bodily functions.

Pure DMAE is extremely basic, meaning it has a pH well above 7, the approximate pH of skin. This makes pure DMAE unsatisfactory for skin care use. An in vitro [outside the body] study using fibroblasts [collagen-producing cells] shows pure DMAE reduces cell proliferation with increasing concentrations [2.5-10%] [2]. This is likely because the basic pure DMAE caused a rapid change in pH that negatively affected the cells. Pure DMAE has also been shown to increase swelling indicative of vacuolization, a negative skin response, when applied to rabbit ears [5]. Therefore, the salt form of DMAE, DMAE bitartrate is commonly used. In a comparison between pure DMAE and DMAE bitartrate, both showed stable behavior and had the same storage characteristics [1]. DMAE bitartrate has a neutral pH of 7 compatible with skin.

"It has been demonstrated that DMAE causes some degree of skin tightening. However, despite speculation it remains unclear how DMAE firms the skin -- whether by stabilizing the membranes, boosting acetylcholine, reducing lipofuscin deposits or none of the above. Whatever the mechanism, the effect of DMAE is often noticeable although seldom dramatic.
Besides, even though DMAE can't fully reverse the existing facial sag, it may reduce its further progression. Some people report a cumulative effect with continued use of DMAE
Dr. G. Todorov. Will DMAE lift your face, or just your wallet?,

DMAE is the active ingredient in Tricutan.

Scientists investigate anti-ageing attributes of Tricutan
"Swedish scientists say that dermatological research they have carried out on the anti-ageing ingredient Tricutan confirms that it can improve skin firmness and elasticity" [7]
  • Tricutan is the 'secret sauce' in  Dermyn Active Serum
  • DMAE is VERY water soluble,
  • It is easy to DIY your own Dermyn! Just click on the FORMULATIONS/RECIPES tab!

Ingredients in Dermyn

DIY Dermyn

Aqua (water) water
Dimethyl Monoaminoethanol Bitartrate (DMAE) Dimethyl Monoaminoethanol Bitartrate (DMAE)
Propylene Glycol ethanol
Polyglycerin- 6  
PEG-16 Macadamia Glycerides  
Ammonium Acryloyldimethyltaurate/VP Copolymer Multi Lamellar Cream
Centella asiatica extract Centella asiatica extract
Butylene Glycol Dimethyl Isosorbide
DMDM Hydantoin Preservative (optional)
Sorbic Acid  
Dehydroacetic Acid  

Assay: DMAE 37%
A note about DMAE Anime: 'Pure' DMAE (amine ) is extremely alkaline and not suitable for DIY.  Even if you have the anime form, it will still need to be neutralized to make it suitable for use on the skin.  DMAE bitartrate, is already neutralized with tartaric acid. 
CAS#: 5988-51-2
Chemical name: 2-Dimethylaminoethanol (+)-bitartrate salt
INCI: Dimethylaminoethanol Natural (Bitartrate)
Appearance: white powder
Solubility: water
Suggested percentage: 3% to 5% (13.5% DMAE bitartrate to make a 5% DMAE product)

Storage: Cool, dry place. Do not freeze.
Country of origin: China
[1] B. Clares, M.A. Ruiz, M.E. Morales, J.A. Tamayo, and V. Gallardo Lara, “Structural  characterization and stability of dimethylaminoethanol and dimethylaminoethanol  bitartrate for possible use in cosmetic firming,” J. Cosmet. Sci., vol. 61, 269–278, July   2010.
[2] A. Gragnani, F.B. Giannoccaro, C.S. Sobral, J.P. Franca, and L.M. Ferreira, “Dimethylaminoethanol Affects the Viability of Human Cultured Fibroblasts,” Aesth. Plast. Surg., vol. 31, pp. 711-718, 2007.
[3] R. Grossman, “The role of dimethylaminoethanol in clinical dermatology,” Am. J. Clin.  Dermatol., vol. 6, issue 1, pp. 39-47, 2005.
[4] K.E. Haenke, “Dimethylethanolamine [DMAE] and Selected Salts and Esters: Review of  Toxicological Literature,” pp. 1-131, November 2002.
[5] 5. G. Morissette, L. Germain, and F. Marceau, “The antiwrinkle effect of topical concentrated 2- dimethylaminoethanol involves a vacuolar cytopathology,” Br. J. Dermatol., vol. 156,     issue 3, pp. 433-439, March 2007.
[6] P.S. Prestes, R.B. Rigon, G.N. Guimaraes, M.L. Ozores Polacow, M.S. Mariani Pires-de- Campose, M. Chorilli, and G.R. Leonardi, “Development, physical-chemical stability and rheological behavior of silicones formulations containing Dimethylaminoethanol  [DMAE],” Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science, vol. 3, no. 02, pp. 001-005, February 2013.
[7] B. Sommerfeld, “Randomised, placebo-controlled, double-blind, split-face study on the clinical efficacy of Tricutan on skin firmness,” Phytomedicine, vol 14, issue 11, pp. 711-715, November 2007.
[8] K.A. Tadini and M. Campos, “In vivo skin effects of dimethylaminoethanol [DMAE] based formulation,” Pharmazie, vol. 64, pp. 818-822, 2009. 
[9] I. Uhoda, N. Faska, C. Robert, G. Cauwenbergh, and G.E. Pierard, “Split face study on the cutaneous tensile effect of 2-dimethylaminoethanol [deanol] gel,” Skin Research and Technology, vol. 8, pp. 164-167, 2002.

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