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It is true, this product does leave the skin silky smooth! I can highly recommend using it in your masks... ...»
Mati Fuller
This is great stuff. I add it to my liquid face soap and it does an excellent job in preventing acne and gently exfoliating the skin... ...»
Very good product. It performed exactly how I expected. .. ...»
This is a fantastic product. Highly moisturizing and smooths out lines and wrinkles. It works quickly and is evening out skin tone as well. I think its a must have product and I certainly will be purchasing it again.. ...»
This lovely, simple, and affordable product has become something I don't want to be without. I am 47, with very sensitive and reactive dry skin. This cream doesn't feel particularly moisturizing and leaves something of a 'dry' finish on the skin after application, but it's had SUCH a positive impact on my face. The redness and papules from my rosacea and seb derm have reduced by a good 90%. It's been a magical barrier restorer and I panicked when it was temporarily out of stock. I would recomme.. ...»
Candace Carnahan
This is the best product I have ever used on my skin and I tried a LOT of expansive brands. It helps with redness and overall skin tone. Please do not ever stop making this stuff... ...»
I' m not sure about this: "11% solution gives 1% EGCG content in final product." What is the weight of final product? .. ...»
Vesna Hanich
It is true, this product does leave the skin silky smooth! I can highly recommend using it in your masks... ...»
Mati Fuller
I am 69 and I have used this product for two years almost every day at a high dose, adding it to my antioxidant day cream, with excellent results. For me it has a very high quality and effectiveness: reduction of wrinkles, hydrated skin, unified color without blemishes ... A product of 10, the same score that I give to John for the quality of the products he sells, his excellent description / use and the bibliographic contribution.En .. ...»
María Jesus
Tried this on my week-old rash from flea bites. Got an almost instant relief and rash healed in 2 days. Tried it on my daughter who has eczema for a very long time. The rashes calmed down after a few days and her skin is now healing well. Really great product. Just put in order for another jar.... ...»
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Buy Creatine Pyruvate For Skin Care

Creatine is a molecule synthesized naturally in the human body. It is most important in tissues where energy-requiring activities occur, as it is involved in maintaining constant energy flow inside the cell.  It was show to protect skin from degeneration during ageing: creatine activates collagen synthesis, in this way decreasing the amount of wrinkles, and restoring skin firmness, smoothness and elasticity. Cheek sagging can also be reduced by applying creatine-containing cream. Another important benefit of creatine is UV damage protection, as it helps to protect cellular structures (especially mitochondria) from oxidative stress and mutations. Furthermore, creatine-treated skin was shown to regenerate faster. However, to protect creatine itself, pairing with coenzyme Q10 or other antioxidants is advised.

Key benefits of Creatine in skin care:

  • Sun damage protection [6] [7] [8] [9]
  • Sun damage repair [6] [7]
  • Increase cellular energy production [1] [3] [7]
  • Increase skin elasticity  [6]
  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles [2] [6]
  • Stimulate collagen production [2] [4]
Creatine Pyruvate skin care active ingredients
Product Code: BulkActives
Assay: 99.8
CAS#: 55965-97-4
Net weight: 30g /1.06oz
Availability: Product Out Of Stock
Price: $9.40

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Creatine Pyruvate

About Creatine Pyruvate in DIY Skin Care

Creatine is a molecule synthesized from amino acids in human liver, kidneys and pancreas. It is well-known for its function in metabolism – it helps to maintain constant energy flow for intense energy-requiring activities, such as muscle contractions during exercise [1]. Therefore, creatine supplements for athletes have been researched in great detail. Recently, however, it has attracted attention as a promising ingredient in cosmetics, since it can be rapidly absorbed through skin [2]. As energy flow occurs in every cell, the benefits of creatine are very diverse. In epithelial skin cells, the functions of this molecule are associated with cell proliferation, hair growth, sebum secretion and even wound healing [3].

It has been suggested that cellular energy metabolism is related to collagen degeneration during ageing. In fact, dermal application of creatine and guarana extract was shown to overcome this problem by activating collagen synthesis [2]. The same effect was found using a mixture of creatine and folic acid, indicating that creatine indeed is the ingredient responsible for these benefits. In this case, increased firmness of the skin was also observed [4].  To investigate the effects on visual skin appearance, volunteers applied a creatine-containing cream for 6 weeks and were evaluated by experts. It was found that the cream significantly reduced cheek sagging, crow’s feet wrinkles and wrinkles under the eyes [2]. Among other ingredients, creatine was used in a complex anti-ageing gel which noteably reduced cellulite symptoms in 81 % of volunteers treated [5].

Creatine is also involved in repairing skin damage after UV exposure or photoageing. Again, applied together with folic acid, creatine caused faster cell proliferation, thus stimulating renewal of the damaged skin tissue. This resulted in increased skin firmness, reduced number of both fine and coarse wrinkles, as well as increased smoothness and elasticity [6]. Additionally, a protective effect of creatine has been documented, for example, it decreases the DNA damage caused by UV radiation [6]. Other research also indicate that creatine is able to both protect the cells from UV and repair the damage caused by it, possibly by providing the energy necessary for these activities [7].

Mitochondria – the cell structures where respiration and energy generation occur – constantly generate oxidants as by-products, and thus are sensitive to irradiation or other oxidizing stresses. Creatine can also be transported to this structure, where it helps to reduce ageing-associated mutations and in this way also functions in tumor prevention [8]. In another study, application of 1 % cream was sufficient to completely negate the damage done to mitochondria by irradiation. This experiment was performed with elderly volunteers (average of 65 years), as additional supplements of creatine were shown to be more important at this age [9].

While creatine is not a known antioxidant, it can help protect certain enzymes and other proteins from oxidative damage [9]. However, this makes creatine itself susceptible to oxidation. Therefore, it is advised to pair it with a strong antioxidant – for example, including coenzyme Q10 in the formulation was shown to protect creatine and such combination results in even higher effectiveness against skin ageing symptoms [10].

About Creatine and Carnitine in DIY Skin Care

A newly issued patent, entitled, “Use of Creatine or Creatine Compounds for Skin Preservation,” claims that topical application of a combination of Creatine and Carnitine treats uneven skin pigmentation.
Assay: 99.8%
CAS No.:  55965-97-4
INCI: Creatine Pyruvate
Appearance: white powder
Odor: Strong, unpleasant sour smell.
Solubility: water, heated to 43C (110F), to ensure that crystals dissolve
Suggested percentage:0.5% to 1.5%

Storage: Cool, dry place. Do not freeze. Keep away from light and moisture!
Country of origin: China
[1]          B. Gualano, H. Roschel, A. H. Lancha-Jr, C. E. Brightbill, and E. S. Rawson, “In sickness and in health: the widespread application of creatine supplementation,” Amino Acids, vol. 43, no. 2, pp. 519–529, Aug. 2012.
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[6]          A. Knott, U. Koop, H. Mielke, K. Reuschlein, N. Peters, G.-M. Muhr, H. Lenz, U. Wensorra, S. Jaspers, L. Kolbe, T. Raschke, F. Stäb, H. Wenck, and S. Gallinat, “A novel treatment option for photoaged skin,” J. Cosmet. Dermatol., vol. 7, no. 1, pp. 15–22, Mar. 2008.
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[9]          H. Lenz, M. Schmidt, V. Welge, U. Schlattner, T. Wallimann, H.-P. Elsässer, K.-P. Wittern, H. Wenck, F. Stäb, and T. Blatt, “The creatine kinase system in human skin: protective effects of creatine against oxidative and UV damage in vitro and in vivo,” J. Invest. Dermatol., vol. 124, no. 2, pp. 443–452, Feb. 2005.
[10]        T. Blatt, H. Lenz, U. Koop, S. Jaspers, T. Weber, C. Mummert, K.-P. Wittern, F. Stäb, and H. Wenck, “Stimulation of skin’s energy metabolism provides multiple benefits for mature human skin,” BioFactors Oxf. Engl., vol. 25, no. 1–4, pp. 179–185, 2005.
0.5 to 1.5% added to water phase, then heated to 43C (110F), ensuring that crystals dissolve

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