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I am 69 and I have used this product for two years almost every day at a high dose, adding it to my antioxidant day cream, with excellent results. For me it has a very high quality and effectiveness: reduction of wrinkles, hydrated skin, unified color without blemishes ... A product of 10, the same score that I give to John for the quality of the products he sells, his excellent description / use and the bibliographic contribution.En .. ...»
María Jesus
Tried this on my week-old rash from flea bites. Got an almost instant relief and rash healed in 2 days. Tried it on my daughter who has eczema for a very long time. The rashes calmed down after a few days and her skin is now healing well. Really great product. Just put in order for another jar.... ...»
This is great stuff. I add it to my liquid face soap and it does an excellent job in preventing acne and gently exfoliating the skin... ...»
Really loving this product. I make the best Centella toner and most concentrated ever. 2 g of centella extract dissolved in 10g of alcohol(you have to stir a lot) plus 88 grams of water and you get a very concentrated toner. Creams, toners, ampoules... all have only 0,1% of triterpenes, this toner i make have 1,4%. I am loving it, will see the results. .. ...»
Just recently ordered this and LOVE! Green Tea EGCG truly is one of the most fantastic skincare actives out there. Very difficult to find good quality product (90%) and even harder to actually solubilize it! Love that it comes in pre-dissolved solution. I enjoy adding it at 1% (so 11% sol) to my serum formulations containing Niacinamide 5% + NAG 3%. Excellent for oily acne prone skin. *Only gripe... because the Pre-Dissolved Solution is SO heavy in propanediol (10 parts Propanediol for 1 part E.. ...»
Wonderful base cream! Only multi-lamellar structured cream I've found on the market. Cream itself is lightweight (no oil) yet very conditioning/hydrating. Easily accepts water-soluble active ingredients as well as oil-soluble ones. I've even pushed the additional ingred % up to 20 (meaning 80% this cream, 20% added) without any separation issues. Ideal base cream for delivering actives. Personal favorite recipe calls for 5% straight Grapeseed Oil with 5% SebumREG oil active + Panthenol 1% + E Ac.. ...»
excellence product, very good and made my skin soft and smooth just like baby's skin. Thank you john.. ...»
The Pre-dissolved solution is excellent. Ferulic Acid is an amazing skincare ingredient (potent antioxidant, protects other sensitive antioxidants from light degradation, UV protection) but is absolutely ineffective if it isn't solubilized correctly. Makes adding to any Serum Base or w/o emulsion easy. Love using it (at 6%; so active 0.5%) with the Resveratrol Fluid (10%; active 1%) and Green Tea Extr for potent nighttime brightening treatment... ...»
I wished i could order this in a smaller amount of 50 gr. Can i get informed when it is available ? -------------------- A. It will not be sold in smaller amounts. The review rating is meant to be for the product, not the size in which it is sold :-(.. ...»
Excellent quality, very fine texture and disperses easily when used correctly. Arrived in just seven days to London, England and with a reasonable postage fee. Very pleased... ...»
D N Bay
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Buy Grape Seed oil For Skin Care

Oil extracted from grape seeds is a light, pleasant-smelling oil. It is easily absorbed into the skin. The oil is rich in many different bioactive compounds. It contains high amounts of fatty acids, particularly linoleic acid, that are important for retaining moisture and skin barrier function. Grape seed oil also contains phytosterols that have anti-inflammatory effects. The oil has small amounts of polyphenols, which are known to have anti-oxidant abilities and inhibit collagen degradation. Additionally, grape seed oil has small amounts of vitamin E, which is known to act as a strong anti-oxidant. Grape seed oil applied to skin aids in wound healing, collagen production, and defends against bacteria.

 Key benefits grape seed oil in skin care:

  • Anti-oxidant [6] [7] [9] [10]
  • Sun damage protection [9] [10]
  • Moisturizing and hydration [4]
  • Stimulate collagen production [7] [10]
  • Anti-bacterial [7]
  • Wound healing support [7]
  • Matrix metalloproteinases [MMP] inhibitor [7]
BulkActives' oils are cold pressed, without the use of solvents or chemicals.
Grape Seed oil skin care active ingredients
Product Code: BulkActives
Reward Points: 4
CAS#: 8024-22-4
Net weight: 200g / 7.05oz
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Price: $8.20
Reward Points: 410

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Grape Seed oil

About Grape Seed oil in DIY Skin Care

Grape seed oil in skin careGrape seed oil is produced from pressing seeds of the grape species, Vitis vinifera. After juice is extracted from grapes, 6-10% of the weight of pressed grapes is an oil [2]. The bulk of grape seed oil is found in Italy, France, and Spain where wine making is prevalent. This oil is known to have a pleasing, sweet scent [8]. It is commonly used as a carrier oil, as it is suitable for all skin types. The oil is light and absorbs readily, making it a good massage oil [1].
Grape seed oil is highly emollient, meaning it softens the skin. This is due to the high content fatty acids that maintain skin barrier function and protects against loss of moisture. The most abundant fatty acid in grape seed oil [70% of total fatty acids] is linoleic acid, an omega-6 essential fatty acid [6, 8]. Grape seed oil has the second highest linoleic acid content found in vegetable oils, only exceeded by safflower oil [8]. Linoleic acid cannot be made by the body and thus, it must be supplemented. Deficiencies in linoleic acid result in dry, scaly skin [4]. Linoleic inhibits COX-2, an enzyme that produces prostaglandins, immune mediators [7]. Thus, it has anti-inflammatory effects. Decreased amounts of linoleic acid are thought to increase acne [4]. Grape seed oil also contains a moderate amount of oleic acid, an omega-9 fatty acid. Oleic acid is another fatty acid known to increase skin health with anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.
This oil also has a high vitamin E content [8]. Specifically, it has high levels of α-tocopherol and γ-tocotrienol, two types of vitamin E [2]. Vitamin E has excellent anti-oxidant properties. It protects the skin against lipid degradation from UV and ozone exposure. This damage is associated with skin aging. Vitamin E is also anti-inflammatory, increases collagen, and decreases collagen degradation [10]. Grape seed oil also contains phytosterols that have anti-inflammatory effects. They help treat inflammatory skin disorders such as eczema [3].  β-sitosterol is most prominent sterol in grape seed oil [8].
Grape seed oil contains small amounts of polyphenols, a type of bioactive compound. Polyphenols have anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial effects [7]. Grape seed extract is known to have compounds called proanthocyanidins that are highly anti-oxidant, but grape seed oil contains none of these, as they are water-soluble and not retained in the oil phase. Another type of polyphenol, cathechin, is lipid-soluble, meaning this compound is extracted in the oil [9]. Grape seed oil contains small amounts of epicatechin, cathechin, and trans-resveratrol [5]. Resveratrol, a biomolecule, has anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, and anti-cancer properties [7]. It increases wound healing. Cathecins have free radical scavenging abilities. Free radicals harm the skin and are known to cause skin aging. Grape seed oil protects against sun damage, activity that is attributed to polyphenols [9].
In a study using mice, grape seed oil showed anti-bacterial activity against E.coli [7]. Scientists believe this effect is due to the polyphenolic compounds in grape seed oil. In the same study, grape seed oil promoted wound healing by increasing collagen formation in the wound when topically applied [7]. Additionally, polyphenols are thought to inhibit matrix metalloproteinases [MMPs] that play a role in degrading collagen [7].

BulkActives' oils are cold pressed, without the use of solvents or chemicals.
CAS#:  8024-22-4
INCI: Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed Oil
Appearance: light Green oil
Odor:  Heavy
Peroxide Value:  7.7
Non-Saponifiables:  0.66%
Saponification Value:  197
Iodine Value:  110-130
Specific Gravity:  0.97
Suggested percentage: 1% to 100%

Storage: Cool, dry place. Do not freeze. Keep away from light and moisture!
Country of Origin: Chile

Fatty Acid Content in Grape Seed Oil

Linoleic- 70.6%
Oleic- 16.2%
Palmitic- 7.2%
Stearic- 4.4%

BulkActives' oils are cold pressed, without the use of solvents or chemicals.
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