Supplier of: skin actives, cosmetic ingredients, cosmeceuticals, active ingredients, and skin care ingredients,  for DIY skin care and cosmetics, and homemade skin care products. 

BulkActives are DIY skin care suppliers of skin actives, cosmetic ingredients, cosmeceuticals, active ingredients, and standardized botanical extracts for diy skin care products and homemade cosmetics.

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Alcohol solvent


Some recipes require ethanol ( ethyl alcohol, pure alcohol, grain alcohol, or drinking alcohol).  This must be a non-denatured ethanol


We suggest Everclear, pharmaceutical non-denatured ethanol, or even Vodka.


However, do NOT use denatured alcohol. Denatured alcohol is ethanol that has additives to make it toxic, unpalatable, or otherwise undrinkable. In some cases it is also dyed.


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