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This is a fantastic product. Highly moisturizing and smooths out lines and wrinkles. It works quickly and is evening out skin tone as well. I think its a must have product and I certainly will be purchasing it again.. ...»
This lovely, simple, and affordable product has become something I don't want to be without. I am 47, with very sensitive and reactive dry skin. This cream doesn't feel particularly moisturizing and leaves something of a 'dry' finish on the skin after application, but it's had SUCH a positive impact on my face. The redness and papules from my rosacea and seb derm have reduced by a good 90%. It's been a magical barrier restorer and I panicked when it was temporarily out of stock. I would recomme.. ...»
Candace Carnahan
This is the best product I have ever used on my skin and I tried a LOT of expansive brands. It helps with redness and overall skin tone. Please do not ever stop making this stuff... ...»
I' m not sure about this: "11% solution gives 1% EGCG content in final product." What is the weight of final product? .. ...»
Vesna Hanich
It is true, this product does leave the skin silky smooth! I can highly recommend using it in your masks... ...»
Mati Fuller
I am 69 and I have used this product for two years almost every day at a high dose, adding it to my antioxidant day cream, with excellent results. For me it has a very high quality and effectiveness: reduction of wrinkles, hydrated skin, unified color without blemishes ... A product of 10, the same score that I give to John for the quality of the products he sells, his excellent description / use and the bibliographic contribution.En .. ...»
María Jesus
Tried this on my week-old rash from flea bites. Got an almost instant relief and rash healed in 2 days. Tried it on my daughter who has eczema for a very long time. The rashes calmed down after a few days and her skin is now healing well. Really great product. Just put in order for another jar.... ...»
This is great stuff. I add it to my liquid face soap and it does an excellent job in preventing acne and gently exfoliating the skin... ...»
Really loving this product. I make the best Centella toner and most concentrated ever. 2 g of centella extract dissolved in 10g of alcohol(you have to stir a lot) plus 88 grams of water and you get a very concentrated toner. Creams, toners, ampoules... all have only 0,1% of triterpenes, this toner i make have 1,4%. I am loving it, will see the results. .. ...»
Just recently ordered this and LOVE! Green Tea EGCG truly is one of the most fantastic skincare actives out there. Very difficult to find good quality product (90%) and even harder to actually solubilize it! Love that it comes in pre-dissolved solution. I enjoy adding it at 1% (so 11% sol) to my serum formulations containing Niacinamide 5% + NAG 3%. Excellent for oily acne prone skin. *Only gripe... because the Pre-Dissolved Solution is SO heavy in propanediol (10 parts Propanediol for 1 part E.. ...»
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Buy Coco Betaine (Cocamidopropyl Betaine) For Skin Care

Coco betaine [cocamidopropyl betaine] is a surfactant derived from coconut oil. It produces rich, dense foam that conditions skin. It is one of the most widely used amphoteric surfactants, which have both positive and negative charges. Coco betaine is mild and can be easily used in combination with other surfactants, such as the sugar-derived decyl glucoside. When combined with irritating surfactants such as sodium laureth sulfate, it can reduce irritation and soften skin. In its pure form, it is non-irritating to skin and eyes and has low toxicity, so it is suitable for a wide range of products, including baby and oral care products. An effective, gentle and high foaming facial wash is made by blending Coco Betaine with the extremely mild, new generation surfactant, decyl glucoside.

Coco Betaine (Cocamidopropyl Betaine) in skin care:

  • Amphoteric surfactant [1] [2] [4] [5] [6] [8]
  • Highly water soluble in wide pH range [8]
  • Primary surfactant or co-surfactant [1] [2] [4]
  • Excellent conditioning & antistatic agent [1]
  • Good detergency [6]
  • Non-irritating [3] [5] [9]
  • Excellent foaming properties and foam stabilization [1]
  • Hard water compatibility [1]
  • Reduction of irritation of anionic surfactants to skin and eyes [1] [2] [3] [4] [6]
  • Viscosity builder for anionic surfactants solutions [1]
  • Compatible with anionic, nonionic and cationic surfactants [1] [2] [4]
  • Excellent biodegradability [1]
Coco Betaine (Cocamidopropyl Betaine) skin care active ingredients
Product Code: BulkActives
CAS#: 61789-40-0
Net weight: 250g / 8.82oz
Availability: Product Out Of Stock
Price: $5.60

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Coco Betaine (Cocamidopropyl Betaine)

About Coco Betaine (Cocamidopropyl Betaine)  in DIY Skin Care

Cocamidopropyl betaine is a type of surfactant derived from coconut oil. Surfactants are designed to remove dirt, oil, and sweat from skin. They produce foam. Coco betaine is in a class of surfactants called amphoterics [2, 5]. Amphoteric surfactants have the potential to be positively or negatively charged depending on environment and pH. They are generally known to be mild surfactants. Coco betaine is also classified as a zwitterionic molecule. This type of molecule has positive and negative charged groups at the same time, rendering the overall charge neutral. Coco betaine is able to maintain both charges over a wide pH range [8]. At pH 7, the pH of healthy skin, coco betaine holds both charges, helping it mix well in many different formulations. By having both positive and negative charges, coco betaine has anionic detergent power and catonic disinfectant properties [6]. This makes it useful in many different formulations and conserves its mildness.
Coco betaine is the most broadly used in a class of amphoteric surfactants known as amidopropyl betaines. It is made by linking fatty acids from coconut oil with amidopropyl betaine in a two-step reaction [4]. Its structure is both hydrophilic [water-loving] and hydrophobic [water-avoiding, oily in nature]. As a surfactant, coco betaine produces rich, dense foam [4]. It stabilizes foam and makes it more conditioning [1]. The foam produced by coco betaine has good wetting properties, meaning it can be easily spread.
This surfactant can be used as a primary or secondary surfactant. It is compatible with all other types of surfactants [cationic, anionic, nonionic] [1]. It can be used with other natural surfactants, such as decyl glucoside, a sugar-derived surfactant. Coco betaine is known to make formulations milder, especially when anionic surfactants are involved [1]. Anionic surfactants hold a negative charge and are known to cause skin irritation when used alone. One of the most widely used irritating anionic surfactants is sodium laureth sulfate. When coco betaine is added to formulations with sodium laureth sulfate, it reduces skin irritation and makes skin smooth and soft [4]. It does this by inhibiting absorption of anionic surfactants [2]. Overall, this property can make cosmetic products more mild and pleasing to the skin.
When used in its pure form, coco betaine is non-irritating [5, 9]. In the past, coco betaine was mislabeled as a skin sensitizer. Studies discovered that excess amine compounds in impure coco betaine products were responsible for the irritation, not coco betaine itself [7]. Coco betaine is known not to irritate the eye, so it is commonly used in children’s products like shampoos were this is a necessity [6]. It is also increasingly used in oral care [5]. A clinical study showed cocamidopropyl is significantly less toxic and irritating to gums when used orally than sodium lauryl sulfate, a surfactant commonly used in toothpaste [3]. Coco betaine is also biodegradable and compatible with hard water [1]. It tolerates high ion concetrations, particularly calcium and magnesium [8]. Overall, it is a great addition to shampoos, shower gels, foam baths, and liquid soaps.
CAS#: 61789-40-0
INCI: Cocamidopropyl betaine
Appearance: liquid
Suggested percentage :2%to 40%
  • Store in cool and dry place. Keep away from direct strong light and heat
  • solidifies below 15 degrees Celsius but becomes liquid again upon heating.
  • Due to temperature fluctuations during shipping, if it has become solid simply place your bottle in a warm water bath to liquefy.
Country of Origin: manufactured by Croda, factory location unknown.
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[2]  J. Garcia Dominguez, F. Balaguer, J.L. Parra, and C.M. Pelejero, “The inhibitory effect of some amphoteric surfactants on the irritation potential of alkylsulphates,” International  Journal of Cosmetic Science, vol. 3, issue 2, pp. 57–68, April 1981.
[3]  B.B. Herlofson and P. Barkvoll, “Oral mucosal desquamation caused by two toothpaste detergents in an experimental model,” Eur J Oral Sci., vol. 104, issue 1, pp. 21-26, February 1996.
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[7]  P.D. Pigatto, A.S. Bigardi, and F. Cusano, “Contact Dermatitis to Cocamidopropylbetaine Is Caused by Residual Amines: Relevance, Clinical Characteristics, and Review of the Literature,” American Journal of Contact Dermatitis, vol. 6, issue 1, pp. 13-16, March 1995.
[8]  J.L. Salager, “Surfactants—Types and Uses,” FIRP Booklet #E300-A: Teaching Aid in  Surfactant Science and Engineering, Universidad de los Andes, version #2, January 1999.
[9]  A. Schnuch, H. Lessmann, J. Geier, and W. Uter, “Is cocamidopropyl betaine a contact allergen? Analysis of network data and short review of the literature,” Contact Dermatitis, vol. 64, issue 4, pp. 203-211, April 2011.

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